Founder / CEO – AliCAT Media

About This Project

Alison Ball is the founder and principal of Alicat Media, Inc. Ball is most known for being an unstoppable phenomenon in the entertainment industry for decades. The current president of TuneGO Music Technology, and former VP of A&R at Warner Bros. Records, has transcended from music label guru to music tech leader and new media leader entrepreneur. After running one of the most powerful talent rosters in Hollywood, Ball quickly noticed the industry’s tides were shifting to tech based digital content. A constant visionary, she decided to surf the change instead of fight it––and now she’s a leader in it––spearheading a music tech company, launching her own multimedia new media company, and becoming the face of a popular online cooking blog + show with tens of thousands of fans. She considers herself the world’s next media bar oness––the likes of billionaire Martha Stewart.