Alison Ball

Alison Ball has been an unstoppable phenomenon in the entertainment industry for 30 years.

Her enduring success is no simple stroke of luck, it is the design of a smart, forward-thinking businesswoman who always stays on the cusp of what’s new.


As current President of TuneGo Music Technology and former V.P. of A&R at Warner Brothers Records she is soaring well beyond her celebrated titles of “Music Exec” and “Industry Guru.”


Music creation, protection, distribution and consumption has changed dramatically in the last three decades. Called “the energizer bunny” by her colleagues, Ball has kept pace with every step of the change –– if not two steps ahead.


Ball and TuneGo are way out front helping to bring blockchain technology to the music world today in the form of Web 3, NFT and other emerging tech.


Forbes, Rolling Stone,, Billboard and The Wall Street Journal are already talking about TuneGo. The decentralization possibilities of Web 3 has the digital world excited about the immediate future; and NFTs alone are already exploding with tens of billions of dollars in generated revenue. And it’s only growing.


Ball and TuneGo are on a tireless + lucrative mission to help artists keep complete control, security and ownership of their precious intellectual properties.


This incredible company and its seasoned music industry president have positioned themselves to literally create music’s future while making music history at the exact same time.


Alison Ball’s professional mission is simple: “to bridge and empower. “


She’s always been a bridge for music artists striving to make their greatest dreams come true.


She has also done if for the companies she has helped lead and those she leads today––creating new revenue streams for companies everywhere she can.

And now she’s fulfilling her mission in yet a third prong––as a bridge and mentor for brands making their foray into music-led marketing initiatives and beyond.


Ball is a natural “people connector.” She has one of the most extensive networks of who’s-who in the entertainment industry. Her specialization is leveraging that invaluable network.

And, as a highly sought after consultant today, Ball provides rare agency and expertise to brands and CEOs wanting to harness the allure, sparkle and cache of the entertainment industry.


Her one-on-one guidance helps these companies and their executives access strategies and tools to excite their customers with music based campaigns, promotional events, product fusions and high-profile joint-ventures.


Said plainly, she helps powerful people make powerful things happen using entertainment industry insight and entertainment industry icons.


After commanding one of the most powerful talent rosters in Hollywood––and helping shepherd the careers of some of music’s larger than life icons––Ball noticed the tides in her business were quickly shifting to tech. Forever the visionary, Ball made the decision to surf the tide, not fight it. And now, she is a leader in it.


Looking back over Ball’s music industry journey, none of it is surprising. Success from forward thinking has been a theme in her career. Alison’s instincts for emerging market shifts were honed early on—and is what carried her up the industry ladder, label after label.


Being raised entertainment industry adjacent gave this L.A. native a clarity about public appetite and cyclical trends that only a few fully grasp.


This early acquired instinct is what made her the perfect initiate into this elite industry. And her collegiate studies in business and psychology made the UC Berkeley grad a formidable player as one of its power-brokers.


Ball’s music career launched under the tutelage of legendary talent manager, Shep Gordon, who masterminded the mega careers of countless iconic artists over the years,


And, like Gordon, Ball was taught to rely upon out-of-the-box thinking and quick adaptability. This is what made her become one of the most powerful women in Hollywood’s music business; this is also what is quickly making her one of the most powerful women in music tech.


As a seasoned executive, Alison Ball has mastered the fundamentals of the entertainment business and wields them like a masterful pro.


Alison Ball is not one of those person’s who is all work and no play. She is known to throw out-of-this-world dinner-parties that are more like Hollywood music festivals. Not only does this Epicurean graduate chef-up the gourmet feasts (see more details at, she MCs the show of live bands that play for her dinner guests.


Recognizing that power-brokering wasn’t all there was to life, Ball even allowed herself a brief reprieve to raise a beautiful family plus engross herself in her epicurean hobbies for personal life balance.


While juggling consulting clients, guiding tomorrow’s stars to music label homes, and taking care of presidential duties for TuneGo, Ball can also be found globe-hopping across Europe and Southeast Asia, building powerful ties in emerging digital music markets for TuneGo––solidifying her mission to establish the next big wave in music.

Ball is the mother of two and resides in Southern California.